Refugees in Australia continue living in limbo

The Australian Government’s announcement to create a path to permanent residence for Temporary Protection and SHEV visa holders has been welcomed by refugee advocate groups. However, the fate of thousands of other refugees and asylum seekers in Australia remains uncertain.

The changes fall short of an across-the-board solution for all 31,000 people subject to the TPV and SHEV regime. So, while there have been changes, the TPV structures remain intact. 

Approximately 12,000 people who hadn’t yet been issued a TPV or SHEV will continue to live in limbo. 

The Wire’s Aryana Mohmood spoke with Migration Community Engagement Practitioner, Rebecca Lim, to find out more. 

Rebecca’s book Does Australia Love Its NeighbourLived Experiences of Queenslanders Working with People Seeking Asylum, is available for purchase. 

Image: Image courtesy of Alex Dugquem | Pexels

Produced By: Aryana Mohmood

Featured In Story: Migration Community Engagement Practitioner, Rebecca Lim

First aired on The Wire, Monday 20 March 2023