Protest against the Voice to Parliament in Meanjin (Brisbane)

On Saturday the 18th of March, the Brisbane community joined the Black People’s Union and Treaty Before the Voice Members in protesting against the voice to parliament. 

While support for the Voice is widespread, some sections of the population – both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal – have dismissed the Voice as inconsequential, arguing the focus should instead be on establishing a “treaty”. 

Activists and protesters argue a Voice will lead only to talk, and the real goal should be a law that guarantees the civil rights of First Nations peoples.

The Wire’s Chloe White attended the rally and spoke with protesters and organisers of the event.

Image: Protest against the voice members | Courtesy Chloe White

Produced By: Chloe White

Featured In Story: Sam Watson | BPU Member , Em Randall | BPU Member , Uncle Koko | Member of the Treaty Before Voice movement , and Afrida | Supporter and Protester

First aired on The Wire, Monday 20 March 2023