Picking up our next Project – 2SEA on the Move!

Two weeks ago Hanns Eber, 2SEA’s Wednesday morning presenter, picked up a 1968 Olympic Debonair Fibreglass caravan from Millingandi.

Our Thanks to Michelle and Virginia of Pambula NRMA Roadside for donating this fabulous van to our radio station.
For several years they had been using it as a storage facility near their home.

And thanks go to Maddog Morley for arranging with the girls to have it donated to 2SEA, so that we can restore it into a Outdoor Broadcast Van.

Even though the caravan is looking a bit tired, it is otherwise in structurally good shape, and there’s nothing that a little bit of TLC won’t fix.

The next step now is to get it to the Pambula Men’s Shed where John Hanley and the boys can get to work and assist in restoring the van so it can be ready to go next Spring.

2SEA hopes to be broadcasting live outdoors all across next summer.