2SEA Transmission Update April 2020

An Update From 2SEA FM

To our members and listeners,

With everything that’s happening (and continuing to happen), we thought you might like to know the latest at 2SEA– so here’s a bit of a rundown.

2SEA is prioritising the people in our community, inside and outside the walls of the station.

• We’re doing our best to protect our broadcast volunteers by minimising the number of people in the building and improving hygiene and cleanliness.

• We’re doing our best to continue to serve our listeners, who we know need the connection we provide more right now than ever, by doing our best to sustain our broadcast services over and above everything else.

• We’re doing our best to support those most affected by the current crisis through our support in our programming and community partnerships.

• Our Studio Premises is closed to the public. We’re can be contacted still taking calls for the time being when our presenters are live on 6496 4400. And you can always contact us via email, Facebook and our website.

• Our staff and volunteers are united and working outside of their normal position descriptions and expectations to meet the station’s needs in the current circumstances.
And we’re doing our best to shift our operations to respond to the “new normal”:

• We’ve developed broadcasting contingency plans including the potential for pre-recorded broadcasting solutions and support from the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia.

• Some of our presenters are now working from home.

• Our volunteer presenters are still committed to bringing you the best shows that they possibly can for your listening pleasure.

• We’re working hard on new revenue streams.

2SEA has understandably lost some sponsorship revenue due to the crisis, which traditionally makes up the majority of the station’s revenue, only time will tell what will happen as this situation continues, so listener support is crucial right now in order for us to continue to adapt and provide a reliable service in the current conditions.

We’ll be sure to keep you informed as things inevitably progress!
Till then, stay safe and best wishes,