2SEA planning to go mobile – with an Outdoor Broadcast Van in 2020.

It’s early days yet but 2SEA FM have been donated a workable caravan to be converted into a mobile outdoor broadcast unit.    Yeaaaaaah!!!!

Many thanks to Mad Dog Morley who has sourced a donated caravan for our station.

Details are still sketchy and still need to be worked out at this stage but as information comes to hand we will keep you. our sponsors, members and supporters updated via our website.

If all goes as planned we will be commencing restoration and layout and setup early next year.

2020 is looming as an exciting year of progress for 2SEA.

With our new high quality transmitter, live streaming, outdoor live broadcasting, and now a portable outdoor broadcast van, and our scheduled move into the revamped historic Hotel Australasia  building, with thanks to Eden’s Neil Rankin, all in the mix for implementation next year will make our 20th Anniversary year very exciting indeed.