Women more at risk of second heart attack

Research from the University of Sydney shows that women are more at risk of a second heart attack.  Globally heart disease is the number one killer of women.

Symptoms of heart attack are not the same as for men and are more vague.  Things like jaw pain, back pain or being tired or short of breath could signal heart problems.  But women are less likely to seek medical help, and less likely to be diagnosed correctly.  Critical events like childbirth and menopause can trigger heart issues as well.

Time is critical when it comes to heart disease and a huge issue with women is the delay to treatment. Women go to hospital later after symptoms start, which reduces the window of opportunity for effective treatment and increases the risk of complications and damage to their heart.

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Featured In Story: Dr Monique Watts – Cardiologist Epworth and Alfred Hospitals Melbourne

First aired on The Wire, Wednesday 25 January 2023