Volunteers are the backbone behind Australia’s response and recovery

From natural disasters to the ongoing cost-of-living crisis, volunteers are now more important than to provide a source of stability through these difficult times. 

It is estimated over five million people volunteer through an organisation annually, while an additional 6.5 million provide informal volunteering support within their community.

A new report reveals key insights into the motivations and types of volunteering undertaken in Australia. 

The Wire’s Aryana Mohmood spoke with CEO of Volunteering Australia, Mark Pearce, about how volunteers across the country have been the backbone behind Australia’s response and recovery and what more needs to be done to support volunteers and organisations… 

Image: Image courtesy RDNE Stock project | Pexels

Produced By: Aryana Mohmood

Featured In Story: Mark Pearce, CEO of Volunteering Australia

First aired on The Wire, Monday 15 May 2023