Vaping and Young Australians

Australian experts report there is a ‘vaping epidemic’ sweeping across the country, impacting young Australians the most. A study from the Australian National University (ANU) revealed adolescents smoking vapes were three times more likely to start smoking cigarettes. Health Minister Mark Butler says vaping is now the biggest behavioral issue in primary schools across the country, making this important now more than ever for young Australians to be aware of the health effects of vaping, and the health of those around them.  The Wire’s Chloe White spoke to Australian Scientist and advocate on the harms of vaping, Dr Karl Kruszelnicki on the health concerns that come with vaping, especially at a young age.

Image: Photo Credit Olha Ruskykh | Pexels

Produced By: Chloe White

Featured In Story: Australian Scientist and Advocate against smoking, Dr Karl Kruszelnicki

First aired on The Wire, Monday 17 April 2023