US Researchers Reportedly Make ‘Major Breakthrough’ in Nuclear Fusion Research

Researchers from the National Ignition Facility (NIF) in California have reportedly extracted more energy from a nuclear fusion reaction than was used to create said reaction, according to an article from the Financial Times. The NIF is yet to confirm this result, however the US department of energy has stated it will soon announce a ‘major scientific breakthrough’ from the lab. If confirmed this would mark a significant step in the development of nuclear fusion reactors, which theoretically are safer and greener than current nuclear fission reactors.

But does this necessarily mean fusion is a viable energy source?

Image: Image: shutterstock – Ktsdesign

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Featured In Story: Dr Nathan Garland, Lecturer in applied mathematics and physics at Griffith University, and Dr Mark Diesendorf, Honorary Associate professor, University of New South Whales

First aired on The Wire, Wednesday 14 December 2022