Progress Addressing Violence Against Women

The 2021 National Community Attitudes survey indicates that, concerning violence against women, young Australians aged 16 to 24 are progressively enhancing their comprehension of this issue and cultivating more positive attitudes towards gender equality. This indicates that educational and awareness efforts may be contributing to positive shifts in societal perspectives.

Despite this progress, challenges persist, with some individuals lagging behind in comprehending the issues surrounding violence against women.As societal attitudes play a significant role, collaboration across various sectors remains crucial for creating a culture of respect and equality for everyone.

Given the substantial influence of societal attitudes on individual perspectives, collaboration across various sectors is paramount. Working together across education, community, media, and other sectors is crucial to creating an environment that fosters respect and equality for everyone.

This collaborative approach can address the remaining challenges, ensuring that progress continues and that future generations are equipped with the knowledge and attitudes needed to reject harmful beliefs and behaviors.

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First aired on The Wire, Wednesday 13 December 2023