Tiwi and Gomeroi challenge Santos at AGM

Many groups continue to pressure Santos to stop developing new fossil fuel projects.

CEO Kevin Gallagheron a salary of $11 million per year plus bonuses – told the press  that activists “have been very effective at creating a level of discomfort for governments to be seen to be supporting energy companies”.

Pressure from campaigners continued in Adelaide today – outside and inside the Santos annual general meeting.

The Wire was on the ground speaking with Tiwi Islands and Gomeroi representatives and environment lobby group Market Forces.

Image: Image courtesy of Peter Barnes

Produced By: Nicky Page

Featured In Story: Therese Wokay Bourke – Tiwi Elder, Antonia Bourke – Tiwi Islands representative, Deborah Briggs – Gomeroi woman , and Will van der Pol – Market Forces

First aired on The Wire, Thursday 6 April 2023