Health and wellbeing

Homeownership Linked to Subjective Wellbeing

Owning a home is something most Australians dream about, but new research suggests it also impacts your overall well-being. Curtin University researchers examined the impact of home ownership on subjective well-being and how it varies based on location, age, and income. Image: Image: Pexels/ Cottonbro Produced By: Fiona Bartholomaeus Featured In Story: Ryan Bierty- PhD …

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Empowering health literacy

Digital tools such as smartwatches have aided health decisions for years. In order to improve health literacy, individuals must understand the safety of health technologies, health data handling, and interpreting data for better control over their well-being. Image: Image credit: Unsplash Produced By: Moemina Shukur Featured In Story: Professor Kerryn Butler-Henderson – Director of Digital …

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