Phone Scam Chat Bots

It is estimated that $55 Billion is lost each year thanks to phone call scammers. Wouldn’t it be great to have all the time wasted by scammers back? Macquarie University Cyber researchers have hit on an idea to get back some of the time they have taken from us.  Have a clever Chatbot keep the …

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Your Replika friend

Replika is an AI chatbot app that allows users to create virtual companions. It has been popular with people who struggle with loneliness and mental health issues, with the avatars acting as substitutes for human companionship. Users could also unlock an erotic roleplay feature by paying a subscription fee, but this feature was suddenly removed …

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Cracking the Code

This is the theme of this years International Womens Day, and Artificial Intelligence can have a role in improving the lot of women. Jacinda Ardern the former NZ PM, was the victim  of a ‘deep fake’ which showed her supposedly smoking crack and many people just don’t know how to tell what is real online.  …

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