Subsidy cuts, cost of living pressure: mental health experts concerned

Australian Psychological Society’s latest nation-wide survey highlights increasing negative impacts for millions of Australians along with burnout levels within the profession, following recent Federal Government cuts to subsidised psychology sessions from 20 to 10 a year.

Amongst a range of concerns, the survey revealed that 96% of psychologists believe the cuts will have negative impact on patient mental health and other factors such as employment, study and healthy relationships.

In addition, a number of mental health support organisations say they’ve seen increased reports of Australians feeling the brunt of the cost of living crisis.

The Wire’s Emma Wotzke speaks with Australian Psychological Society CEO Dr Zena Burgess to find out more on the mental health subsidy cuts compounded by current living pressures.

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Produced By: Emma Wotzke

Featured In Story: Dr Zena Burgess – Australian Psychological Society CEO, and

First aired on The Wire, Thursday 30 March 2023