Researcher aims to develop new models of drug testing against cancer

Osteosarcoma is a prevalent form of cancer that usually begins development in the osteoblast cells that form bone.

While individuals of all ages can be affected by osteosarcoma, it predominantly appears in children and adolescents during their growth phase.

Over the last four decades, this and many other types of cancers have been investigated using patient samples and plastic petri dishes, however this method has led to misleading depictions of how the disease would actually present inside the body.

The Wire’s Kailah Rushton spoke to PHD student at the Queensland University of Technology, Luke Hipwood, about his study into developing new models for drug testing against Osteosarcoma. 

Image: Mike Taylor | Courtesy of Cost of Illness

Produced By: Kailah Rushton

Featured In Story: Luke Hipwood, Queensland University of Technology PHD student

First aired on The Wire, Monday 8 May 2023