Neurodivergent Kids Disproportionately Affected by Justice and Education Systems, advocates say

In August this year, the Queensland government pushed for laws allowing police watchhouses and adult prisons to be used as youth detention centres. 

The Government claimed the changes would address capacity issues while holding young people safely, even though the proposed laws override the Human Rights Act.

Academics and advocates say neurodiverse youth are among some of the most affected by juvenile detention, and the education system is where the issue begins. 


Image: Image: Pexels/ RDNE Stock Project

Produced By: Merced Hernandez

Featured In Story: Lynette Hernandez, Behavioural Interventionist for youth with autism., Matilda Alexander, CEO of Queensland Advocacy for Inclusion, and Professor Keith McVilly – Clinical Psychologist from the University of Melbourne

First aired on The Wire, Monday 30 October 2023