IVF Breakthrough

Around 80% of IVF cycles fail, and 40%-60% are related to sperm problems.  Things like motility, poor sperm quality, low sperm count are critical factors in the success of IVF.

Yet to date most work was done on egg and embryo selection to boost success rates of IVF, and comparatively little on sperm selection.

UTS and NeoGenix Biosciences, a UTS Start-up, have created a new sperm selection device which closely replicates the female reproductive tract natural sperm selection process, ensuring the best and healthiest sperm fertilise the egg.

UTS researchers have partnered with Monash University and Australian IVF clinics like Melbourne IVF to test the new technology in clinical practice this year.


Image: Image – Supplied – Neogenixbiosciences

Produced By: Roderick Chambers

Featured In Story: Professor Majid Warkiani – UTS School of Biomedical Engineering and NeoGenix Biosciences

First aired on The Wire, Tuesday 11 April 2023