Adelaide vigil marks moments of solidarity for Palestine

People clutching candles lined the steps of Adelaide’s Parliament house on Tuesday night, the eve of United Nations International Day of Solidarity for Palestinian People.

A vigil was held in contemplative unity for people in Palestine and Gaza as many gathered in an outpouring of grief to share words and prayers.

Australian Friends of Palestine Association Chairperson Christa Christaki said these events  are important to bring members of the community together as well as broaden awareness of the situation.

Speaking at the vigil, Light MP, Tony Piccolo said  a motion of solidarity for the Palestinian people would be put in the South Australian House of Assembly.

Image: Image supplied by AFOPA: A Kanck.

Produced By: Emma Wotzke

Featured In Story: Imad Mahmoud – Member of the Executive Committee of the Australian Friends of Palestine Association, vigil speaker , Tony Piccolo – MP, Member for Light, Christa Christaki – Chairperson of Australian Friends of Palestine Association , Lulu – Vigil attendee , Fatima – Vigil attendee , and

First aired on The Wire, Thursday 30 November 2023