2SEA attends 2022 ClubGrant Awards

Pictured: Hanns Eber and Graeme Wykes attended the Awards hosted by Damian Foley of Club Sapphire and BVSC Mayor Russell Fitzpatrick. ClubGRANTS recipients from this year’s category 1 grants round gathered on Tuesday at Club Sapphire. Representatives of almost 50 community organisations, including current and recent recipients of Category 1 ClubGRANTS, attended the presentation along with representatives of the various local licensed clubs and BVSC. A total of $106,413 in grants for 30 not for profit local community groups were announced yesterday. Back in 2020 2SEA was a proud recipient of a $5,000 grant to assist in purchasing an Outside Broadcast trailer van. Due to Covid it prolonged the time that the station had to acquire the appropriate van. But this summer our group will be out and about supporting Festival and Events across the Sapphire Coast. PS: Unfortunately we did not receive the $106,413 cheque, but it would have been nice if we did!!!