Pride in Protest calls for solidarity following Sydney protestors being rushed by mob

Reports have emerged that further corroborate allegations that a group of queer rights protestors were attacked by a mob in Sydney’s south-west. 

The small group, from Community Action for Rainbow Rights, were gathering to rally against New South Wales One Nation leader Mark Latham’s policies targeting transgender people outside a church where he was speaking. 

This comes days after a group showing up for trans rights clashed with anti-transgender campaigners outside of Victoria’s Parliament, following a talk by controversial UK gender activist Kellie-Jay Keen. During this incident, a group of around 30 men marched down Spring Street repeatedly performing the nazi salute.  

The Wire speaks to Charlie Murphy from grassroots organisation Pride in Protest about the blatant, rising wave of transphobia and violence towards marginalised groups.

Image: Image courtesy of Pride in Protest

Produced By: Anisha Pillarisetty

Featured In Story: Charlie Murphy Member of Pride in Protest

First aired on The Wire, Thursday 23 March 2023