Julian Assange flying to Canberra

In a carefully constructed exit, Julian Assange came to an agreement with the US for a plea bargain where he would plead guilty to the charge of Espionage in return for a sentence that equated to time served in custody.

The venue was Saipan, a small micronesian island owned by the US that happened to have a Federal Court, and was close to Australia.

Assange was  refusing to overfly any American territory to avoid being in any US airspace.  It was interesting to note that Congress had no jurisdiction over the Marianas, a Commonwealth of the United States.

Ambassador Kevin Rudd was on hand to ensure smooth running in Saipan, and a private charter aircraft was to take him direct to Canberra on the completion of the legal procedures.

Image: Image: Courtesy R. Chambers

Produced By: Roderick Chambers

Featured In Story: Jennifer Robertson – Lawyer for Julian Assange, Bruce Wolpe – Senior Fellow United States Studies Centre University of Sydney, and John Shipton – Father of Julian Assange

First aired on The Wire, Wednesday 26 June 2024