‘An Animal Welfare Disaster’: Greyhound Advocates Reeling Over Proposed Breeder Rebate

Content warning: the following contains distressing themes. 


Animal advocates are outraged over the recent announcement of a Greyhound Racing Industry rebate – initiated to stimulate breeding in South Australia, with the move sparking renewed calls for state government to introduce breeding caps.

This comes as the ninth dog has allegedly died on local greyhound racing tracks.

The industry was first established in Australia in 1927 but has seen recent shifts in public awareness.

So, what has prompted concern around greyhound racing, and what can be done?



The Wire reached out to Greyhound Racing SA who said the person in question is not an industry vet for their organisation.

Image: Pixabay: Herbert2512

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Featured In Story: Elle Trahair – founder of the Greyhound Welfare Initiative in South Australia, and

First aired on The Wire, Thursday 27 June 2024